Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome to The glenVIEW

We're proud to launch The glenVIEW, a blog from the Reader Services Department at the Glenview Public Library! Find book, movie and music recommendations, read alike suggestions, author information, local literary events, and more – all brought to you by the Reader Services staff. Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

Meet our blog contributors!

Carmen G. is the Readers Advisory Librarian. She co-leads the 'BookBites' reading social book group that meets at the Hackney's. She recommends good reads, helps to plan fun activities and programs for readers and helps with the library's social media and online reach. Depending on her mood she likes to read something fun like Marian Keyes or perhaps an international mystery, when she's not zipping off to faraway exotic places in the world.

Monique F. grew up wanting to be Nancy Drew, but today she works in the Reader Services Department and runs the Quarterly Mystery Discussion Group. She is an eclectic reader who reads across the spectrum in both non-fiction and genre fiction. She tries to stay away from any book that is labeled poignant.

Carolyn R. is a part-time para-professional in Reader Services and when she is not working the desk she moderates All Things Spanish. Carolyn likes to read fiction and non-fiction alike but never has enough time to read all the books on her list. She is drawn to foreign authors, mainly Latino and foreign films. She is not very likely to make a selection based on the bestseller list.

Kay B. grew up loving music and reading. She is the go-to person in Reader Services for all your classical and music theater questions. She has been instrumental in bringing the Chicago Lyric Opera lectures to our library and also helps with the Mystery Club. In her spare time, she teaches music, reads, walks and does needlework.

Nicole M. is the Young Adult Librarian here at Glenview, serving teens in high school with books as well as programming. When she is not at work, Nicole is busy raising school age twins. Nicole likes to read a mix of teen and adult fiction and non-fiction and has taken to audiobooks in her daily commute.

Michael W. is our Audiovisual Librarian. He’d never owned a single audio recording until one fateful day in 1981 when his 8th grade Language Arts teacher (whose name he now conveniently forgets) shamed him by handing out a grade of ZERO on a simple assignment that required students to stand-up, recite the lyrics to a favorite song and then play a cassette tape of said song for the rest of the class to hear. Embarrassed, Michael spent the remainder of his childhood (and more) dedicated to listening and collecting as much music as he could to make up for that ONE mistake. He ALSO loves films, reads a bunch and really enjoys helping patrons with the Glenview Public Library’s downloadable services. Stop by the AV ROOM to chat, he’s always happy to talk about movies, music and technology.

Gayle W. has been a member of the Reader Services Department for many, many moons. When she's not working out there, she co-leads the book discussion group Page Turners. She enjoys reading non-fiction, especially memoirs, because truth is stranger and at times, more exciting than fiction! She also teaches the "fun" Internet workshops and one-on-one tutorials on eBay, Online Travel, and Online Shopping. See Gayle if you want to find/sell a collectible, book a vacation package, or shop and save

Ethan F. is a part-time member of the Reader Services crew. He reads books of all genres, but his favorites tend to be horror, fantasy, and scifi. He claims to be addicted to movies as well, and just like his taste in books, his tastes stray towards horror and scifi more often than not. He’s also a music lover and listens to everything from classical to death metal, jazz to electronica, and anything in between. Stop in and feel free to chat with him about movies, music, video games, and more! If he’s not working hard at the library, you can probably find him playing Dungeons & Dragons or petting a dog.

Teri R. reads mysteries--from gritty to cozy, she loves them all. Not that she can ever solve the crimes! Lately, she is loving the unreliable narrator trend. She also tries to keep up with current literary fiction and nonfiction of all kinds, particularly history.

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